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Impartiality, instigating a positive mind-set
Appointed representative for the project sponsor, owner of the business case

Staffing of:

  1. Chief Architect (from solution vs requirements through to deliverables)
  2. T&T Leader (accountable for implementation and Project Management discipline)
  3. Resource Manager (team management, motivation, resource pool)
  4. Financial Controller (Budget control and real-time earned value analysis)
  5. PMO (Staffing plan, Job descriptions, Roles & Responsibilities, Project Management Tools, Facilitator)
  6. The Project Team

Resulting in:

  • A motivated team, delivering a non-conflict project
  • Saving money / costs
  • Assuring the right decisions/solution
  • Assuring the desired outcome
  • Delivering valued quality
  • Meeting business needs
  • Underwriting the planning/timeline
  • Clarification and Understanding of the solution/product/service (what did you actually buy??)
  • Auditor approval