What We Do

What We Do

Enabling IT Transformation

Because we have seen it go wrong so many times in our careers it is our sincere hope that this website will prove of use to our visitors and enable in some small way the route to successful IT change. If you feel you need more help we are here and, if we feel we are able, we will be happy to support you. Feel free to give us a call or contact us via the web form below.

Our ethos is to be impartial, open and honest. We are here to use simple language and provide straightforward advice. IT Change has a way of getting complicated in itself so why complicate it further with esoteric terms and TLAs!

We are “recognized and award winning authorities” on IT change and are committed to successful change. We have captured here the areas which can help you further.


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Jointly we have over forty five years of experience in Data center

Common Issues

The 4 key origins of project delivery issues: Sponsor’s ownership

Our Approach

Our approach and what you can expect: Document reviews

How we engage

Need help with your IT Transformation? Initial engagement with us typically