Tag: IT Transformation Governance
Date: Aug 9, 2016  Posted By: Barrie Funeaux

IT Transformation-“Managing a Complex beast”

All IT Transformations have complexity So how do we manage complexity and maintain control? Simplicity:I like to think of myself as a “Winnie the Pooh” thinker a simple bear with simple thoughts. OK That may be a bit extreme, however when it comes to managing a large IT Transformation program it is worth keeping in … Continue reading “IT Transformation-“Managing a Complex beast””

Date: Aug 1, 2016  Posted By: admin

3C’s to assure successful IT Transformations

Manage Change, Communicate and maintain Control. These are the three C’s I have seen left to the wayside so often in red transformation programs. Take care of these and be assured your transformation stays on the green track. Manage Change: Sounds simple enough but we all know that in the heat of things people get … Continue reading “3C’s to assure successful IT Transformations”