Peter Verhulsdonk

Peter Verhulsdonk


Peter executes IT transformations to the specification of their evolving business case, ensuring change is delivered in accordance with stakeholders’ expectations.

With more than Thirty years’ experience in the field of IT management and outsourcing, he has led many transformations -always implementing a coherent “two-in-a-box, one-team” principle- for a multitude of global industry sectors, including Logistics, Retail, Energy, Government and Manufacturing.

Verhulsdonk (pronounced Ver-Huls-Donk) is recognized not only for his project and program management experience but also for the successful restructuring and turnaround of programs.

A seasoned international transition & transformation leader, Verhulsdonk spent many years delivering solutions globally, broadening his appreciation of what advantages multi-cultural collaboration brings. He has worked in Belgium, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, South-Africa, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA. Engaging delivery teams in Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Romania and Singapore. Leading by example and encouraging creative thinking when necessary.

Verhulsdonk is a contributing member of the Institute of Directors and the Project Management Institute. He holds multiple Project Management certifications as well as the AMBI (Automatisering en Mechanisering van de Bestuurlijke Informatievoorziening) and PANDATA SDM2 (System Development Methodology) diplomas from The Netherlands. He lives in Worthing, Sussex with his wife and pack of Beagles.

You can read his full Resume here. PV Biography