About Us

About Us

IT Change Directors is a specialist partnership that has grown out of the successes of its founders who have spent many years working in the world of large IT Transformations, changing large and medium scale IT environments to meet requirements and improve efficiencies. These programmes ranged from short strategic effort (6 months outsourcing transitions), to involvement over multiple years in very large change programmes that veered towards what Edward Yourdon colloquially referred to as “death march” projects *, characterised by impossible schedules, unrealistic budgets, insufficient resources and the corporate expectation of overcoming impossible odds and achieving a miracle. Sometimes accompanied by a resignation that failure was inevitable by both customer and partner.

Over time we have gained a reputation as having the ability to turn these programmes around, and to manage the situation whilst linking Plan B to the Business Case.
(There is another section on our site about the common failings we have seen time and again HERE)

Our objective is to ease this whole process by supporting clients throughout the sales and delivery cycle, from identification of the need, the target objectives, the business case, through the RFI/RFP process to vendor selection, contract terms and signature, then into governing and auditing the selected programme to ensure delivery.

We bring to the table – hard won experience that allows us to help you get the business case delivered, without the constant tension.
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* Yourdon, E – Death March (3rd Edition) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_march_(project_management)